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The Cheltenham saddle rack
The Cheltenham saddle rackThe Cheltenham saddle rack. I found the original saddle rack at an antique stall in London’s Bermondsey Market south of The Thames. I couldn’t resist it even though it would be many years before I had a tack room of my own.

It is true to say that the tack room at Picket Piece was built around this initial saddle rack. By the time we constructed our stables and tack room I had only found one other original saddle rack in wood and wrought iron. As stables and tack rooms were demolished, all these now priceless tack room fittings were destroyed. As our tack room would have numerous saddles, it was essential to find someone who could re-create these wonderful old saddle racks.

By creating moulds from my original saddle rack, The Cheltenham is manufactured exactly as it was years ago. With the combined talents of the iron foundry and a carpenter, I cannot tell the difference between the original saddle rack and the Classic English saddle rack…and I’m quite fussy about authenticity.

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Cheltenham saddle rack dimensions

The Cheltenham saddle rack dimensions
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