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The Classic English Tack RoomThe Classic English Tack Room. Create your own Classic English Tack Room from our authentic tack room fittings.

We have every fitting to transform your tack room from saddle horses and saddle racks to bridle racks, tack cleaning hooks and tack room dressers.

Originals are near impossible to acquire. This is the closest thing to an original.

The Classic English Tack Room captures a moment in history ... the Victorian tack room of the 1800's.

We’re especially proud that our tack room fittings have been authenticated by The Royal Mews, the Queen’s stables at Buckingham Palace. The Cheltenham saddle rack together with The Lancaster and The Richmond bridle racks are created from wrought iron and English oak by English craftsmen who treasure traditional materials and methods of production. The mighty oak also lends its strength and character to the splendid Windsor saddle horse. These magnificent fixtures and fittings will fill your tack room with a sense of history as you step into an era that cherished a time when the horse was king.
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